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Strength in Diversity
Natural products found in marine plants, animals, and microorganisms have highly diverse molecular structures that are unlike anything else found in the terrestrial environment. This structural uniqueness constitutes a vital resource that may be applied beneficially through biotechnology to develop a wide range of pharmaceutical compounds, medical research materials, industrial enzymes, and agricultural products. Magellan’s libraries can help you capitalize on these untapped possibilities.

Natural products have consistently been the most successful source of pharmaceutical leads. Between 1983 and 1997, 43% of antibacterial and anticancer drugs were derived from natural products. Also, in that same time period, 39% of all new approved drugs were from either natural products or derived from natural products.

Our libraries represent a wide and diverse breadth of natural marine compounds, and are supplied in 96-well format, with other formats available upon request. We are also currently developing a library of pure and semi-pure compounds.

For more information, call 813-623-6800 or contact us by email.