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What is the makeup of your library?
Our bacterial collection consists of over 10,000 strains that have been collected from various marine environments. Additionally, our fungal library consists of over 55,000 strains collected from around the world.

What proportion of the library consists of actinomycales versus other bacteria versus fungi?
While we were not selecting our collection toward any one class of microorganism, about 1% of the collection consists of actinomycetes. The remaining organisms have not been specifically identified (i.e. sequence analyses via 16sRNA), but have a similarity typing via FAME analyses to known strains (e.g. Bacillus, Vibrio, Alteromonas etc).

What are the growth conditions used to generate the library - flask size/types of media?
Magellan has more than two decades of experience in cultivating marine microorganisms, and as such has developed numerous proprietary media for the culture of marine microbes. As for creating an extract library, the flask format can be virtually in any form (i.e., from 10 ml to 20-liter cultures). The format depends upon the client’s extract requirements.

What are the extraction procedures (solvents, aqueous, drying conditions, storage conditions (dry/DMSO) and usual preparation steps for assay?
We maximize our extraction protocol according to the client’s bioassay needs. Magellan’s organic extraction is very comprehensive, and once culture is completed, a crude extract is prepared. This extract can be further partitioned vs. other solvents. Extracts can then be plated into a format to fit the client’s requirements (96- or 384-well microtiter plates either as a dry film or DMSO).

Is it possible for Magellan to regrow the library strains, and if so, what are the format, throughput and timing for the type of operation?
Refermentation of cultures are not a problem and is typically necessary to either confirm biological activity or as needed for larger scale isolation of active molecule. Cost and timing of the extract is dependent upon quantity needed as well as optimal growth conditions of each microbe.

What are the conditions/terms of engagement for using extracts and HTS or performing regrowth?
Typically after speaking with a client and determining their needs, we would provide a detailed proposal. This proposal would include the cost of the extracts, regrowths, delivery schedule, services performed, royalty or other downstream milestones, licensing, and any other pertinent information.

For more information, call 813-623-6800 or contact us by email.